The Riedhammer

Riedhammer offers a wide range of customer services with advanced, technological solutions for all firing processes.

Test and Application Center for:

  • Simulation of temperature distribution inside the product setting and/or kiln room, material analysis, improvement of kiln plant and processes, scientific base for product improvements.
  • Process Control System: individually designed for the specific applications.
  • Revamping & Modernization: Sustainability though modernization of existing and active kilns in view of energy saving, waste gas aftertreatment, plant safety etc. as cost-efficient alternative to a new plant.
  • Spare Parts: Comprehensive spare parts service for new and existing kiln plants with exclusively top-quality original spare parts and professional handling by experienced staff.
  • Energy Efficiency: Integrated solutions for energy saving are our response to the increasing demands on the kiln plants in view of environmental protection.

Energy Efficiency & Environment Protection

Services & Technical Assistence

Revamping & Modernization

Spare Parts

Process Control System

Test & Application Center


  • Analysis of individual requirements
  • Customized kiln solutions
  • Design concepts
  • Detailed offers
  • Process engineering
  • Production and testing
  • Shipping, assembly, commissioning on site
  • Documentation
  • Production support
  • Process analysis
  • Maintenance
  • Plant revamping
  • Support for related processes and equipment via a broad network throughout the LiB industry

High manufacturing quality

  • Well-equipped workshops
  • Highlevel quality control management by Riedhammer / Sacmi
  • Use of high-grade materials and components
  • Quality and performance validation in our workshop (FAT)
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Production tolerances compliant with German manufacturing standards
  • Continuous development / improvement of equipment
  • Special / tailor-made solutions
  • Reliable suppliers

High efficiency

  • Reliable long lifetime equipment
  • Very low specific energy and media consumption
  • High productivity
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Strong, reliable sagger circulation and handling system
  • Fully automated operation by PLC system
  • Multiple temperature profiles available