Roller hearth kiln

The roller hearth kiln (RHK), which is the most widely used thermal processing plant in the field of Advanced Materials, undergoes constant expansion of its production capacities with continuous extension of kiln length and kiln width. In addition, the kiln design considers the often complex and aggressive chemical composition of modern products as well as increased requirements with regard to temperature and atmosphere profiles.
RHKs for applications with up to 100 % H2 or > 99 % O2 atmosphere and N2 or Ar (< 30 ppm O2) are RIEDHAMMER standard.

Particularly for the production of high-grade CAM cathode material for lithium-ion batteries the numerous RIEDHAMMER roller and rotary kilns have proven successful all over the world.

  • Sagger circulation line with automatic sagger handling and powder handling systems
  • Tailor-made for process requirements
  • 4-tray, 6-tray width with multiple layer configuration
  • High O2 atmosphere > 99 %
  • Inert gas atmosphere (N2 , Ar, CO2 and others)
    < 30ppm O2
  • Special atmosphere (H2 , CO, CH4 and others)
  • Optimal temperature distribution
  • Length up to 150 m
  • Gas-tight kiln casing
  • Uniform product treatment

Process equipment

Each RHK is equipped with a SHS, which can be further extended by Lid Handling, if needed.
RHK’s for Anodes and LFP are delivered with an attached Thermal Oxidizer (TPC).


Sagger handling system (SHS)

The purpose of the SHS is filling, transportation, unloading and testing of saggers

Lid handling system


The purpose of the lid handling system is an extension of the SHS for handling the lids

Rotary kilns

Extra large kilns

Process equipment

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