Cathode Active Materials (CAM)

Main RHK developments for CAM:

  • Gastight sluice system for atmosphere exchange
  • Exhaust system to prevent corrosion and dropping of volatiles
  • Gastight kiln casing
  • Gastight roller drive system suitable for high O2
  • Controlled roller drive system for best meandering results
  • Optimized kiln lining for lowest heat emissions
  • Energy saving measures
  • Best temperature uniformity
  • Highest cooling efficiency
  • Powder handling
  • Pilot plants
  • Cross section increase 4x2 → 6x2 for higher productivity
  • Kiln length increase up to 100 m for higher productivity
  • Cycle time decrease from 24 → <10 h for higher productivity
  • Throughput increase > 400 %

For the production of battery cathode active materials (CAM) Riedhammer develops and produces highly efficient kilns as thermal systems, powder handling systems and process equipment.

Within the lithium battery field there is a range of cathode materials to choose from. The primary active component of the cathode was cobalt. Nowadays cobalt is often substituted by nickel (NMC, NCA). Cathode materials require extremely high purity levels and must be almost entirely free of unwanted metal impurities.

Roller Hearth Kilns